The Victorian | Clarence House
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Welcome, to The Victorian Room

Introducing this spectacular function room, The Victorian, it is always a pleasure to meet her acquaintance.

Gracious, elegant, humble and so much more. A charming reception for all occasions, grande and personal.

Perfect for events that begin at 150 guests and can comfortable seat up to 300 guests, should you need it

Modern venue with a

Classic feel about it

Built with the perfect event in mind. It is specifically made to ensure that your

guests have an amazing time within these four walls. So much to discover and

experience in The Victorian Room, that creates an unrivalled atmosphere

Stunning chandelier

A Gorgeously lit and decorated roof beholds a chandelier at the centre of it, so bright,

that even when the lights of the Clarence house are dimmed, it still sparkles lightly

to create a wondrous feeling in the air that you and your guests will love

Beautifully decorated

The Victorian room has everything that you need, right out of the box. With a pillarless

design which provides uninterrupted views of  everything going on, you will be

surrounded by exquisite fittings by an internationally renowned interior designer.

You can choose to add your own decore, or as many choose to do, leave it as standard

Elegant bronze chairs

These Tiffany chairs compliment the colour and theme of the room perfectly.

Modern, comfortable and beautifully designed, these bronze chairs can be left

as is, or they can be done up with a bow, cover, or whatever your heart desires

Convenient parking

Close to public transport, but also extremely convenient and free car parking for

those who choose to drive to your event. No long walks, no big parking charges,

just convenient and hassle free parking that your guests will enjoy

Image gallery

Immerse yourself in the beauty,

be charmed in it’s presence

Each event is unique, yet each event would be perfect for The Victorian

Room. We host all types of special occasions and we make each of them

special, in your own way, with a little help from us

We would love to host your special day at out special place

Our doors are always open to anyone who is willing to share their special moments in life with us. Our dedicated team

would thoroughly enjoy you booking a consultation and let them show you what is uniquely magic about The Clarence House

Book the perfect function centre